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Trade mark is defined as any sign consists of picture, name, word, characters, numbers, color or combination of colors which capable of distinguishing goods or services of one undertaking from those of other undertakings.

Patent is an exclusive right granted by the state to the inventor(s) for his, her or their inventions that meet exacting standards. The invention might concern a new or an improved product.

Copyright is a property right that subsists in certain specified types of works in science, artistic and original literary works. The owner of the copyright subsisting in a work has the exclusive right to do certain acts in relation to the work, such as making a copy, broadcasting or selling copies to the public.

Industrial design is a creation of from, configuration, or composition of lines or colours or combinations of all which has three dimensions or two dimensions with aesthetics’ impression and can be formed in to three dimensions or two dimensions shape therefore can be used in production of certain product, goods, industrial commodities and hand craft.

Integrated Circuit shall mean a finished or half-finished product that contains various elements, at least one of which is active, which are partly or entirely interconnected and integratedly formed in a semiconductor to produce electronic functions.

Layout Design shall mean a creation in the form of a three dimensional layout design formed by various elements, at least one of which is active, of which parts of or all of the interconnections is an integrated circuit and the three dimensional layout is meant for the preparation of making an integrated Circuit.

Trade Secret shall mean information in the field of technology and/or business that is not known by the public and has economic values as it is useful in business activities, and the confidentiality of which is maintained by its owner.

Protection of plant variety, hereinafter abbreviated as PVP, shall mean a special protection granted by the State, which in this case is represented by the Government with the implementation being in the hands of the Office of Plant Variety Protection, to plant variety developed by plant breeders through their plant breeding activities.

In addition, we also provide services for:

  • Integrated circuit and lay out design law
  • Trade secret law
  • Plant Varieties Protection
  • Licensing/Contract
  • Franchising
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Contract Involving Technology Transfer
  • Corporate and Commercial Practice
  • Litigation and Non litigation
  • Integrated Branding
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